The Savoir Faire Band has six professional musicians that include talents that go beyond just music.  It is this reason the quality of the music remains a high priority in each of these performer's minds.  

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Jerry Lloyd - Lead Singer, Band Leader

Southern California born and raised lead vocalist Jerry Lloyd has been singing since he could talk according to his parents.  Growing up he was heavily influenced by such R & B greats such as Marvin Gaye, Al Green, and groups like The Temptations and Jackson 5.  In his teen years he discovered “the voice” that changed his life. It was at a Journey concert when he heard Steve Perry sing that he said to himself, “I have to do that”.  After a 3 year stint in the military he came back to California and started singing in the popular Top-40 bands, Karnival, Pilot, Planet Groove and Soiree, he also started playing a lot of city concerts, Vegas and corporate events with the Oldies band The Groove. His biggest thrill musically came in 2002 when members of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame group The Coasters invited him onstage in front of a standing room only audience to sing the Temptations hit “My Girl” after seeing him perform with the band Pilot In Laughlin Nevada.  His greatest attribute is being able to sing a variety of styles, be it R & B, Funk, Rock n Roll or Country, he does it all with a flair and passion that sets him apart from the pack. 

Richard "The Professor" Owen - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

Richard is originally from western Pennsylvania and has been a guitarist since his teenage years in both cover projects and original music.  His early musical influences while living on the east coast included mostly classic rock groups.  After performing in rock cover acts for several years, Rich discovered his love of acoustic guitar and singer songwriters. At that time he began performing as a soloist and in acoustic-based acts.  As a solo artist he developed a love for alternate guitar tunings, which he often utilizes as a performer.  After moving to CA about twenty years ago, Rich has performed in several LA based acoustic groups (Velvet Echo and Rising Fall) before meeting Jerry Lloyd and becoming part of Storyteller, which formed the nucleus that has become Savoir Faire. 

In Savoir Faire, Richard utilizes primarily a Breedlove acoustic electric guitar and a Fender Stratocaster electric.  Richard really is a professor, and has taught in the geosciences at an inland empire community college district.

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Elijah "Keys" Carrillo - Keyboards/Vocals

Elijah is an ordained Pastor who loves people and has been around music his whole life! He was adopted into a musical family in which his dad played the guitar and sang for years before passing away in 1992. After his dads passing Elijah felt the calling on his life to pursue music as his father did so he taught himself as a young child how to play the piano and sing and as the years went by he improved more and more. He has now been playing for over 20 years. Elijah has also been a worship leader in church since he was a teenager. As a 17 year old he was already touring with bands singing and playing in front of thousands at a time. Elijah was hired as a music director in 2006 at one of the largest churches in California called the Rock Church and World Outreach Center which has 20,000 members where he led bands from 10 members to 40 members at a time doing 8-10 services a week. Elijah truly has a passion for people and their hearts more than his music and that’s why he enjoys playing with “The Savoir Faire Band” because he recognizes that what they do is not just for themselves, but it’s also for all the people they get to interact with and build relationships with! 

"Smooth" Steve Moreno - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Steve has been playing semiprofessionally throughout Southern California for the last 30 years. He brings a wealth of musical experience each time he is on stage. His talented guitar playing and strong lead vocals are an outstanding combination that is hard to beat. 


Steve has played several genres of music over the years such as Classic Rock, Funk, Blues, Club Dance, Old School, Latin and more, and has performed with popular bands such as The Original Sacrifice Band, Backstreet, Best of Time and more. 

As a side note, Steve’s talent has led him to being invited as one of three judges for Guitar Center’s “King of the Blues” Contest these past two years. 

Ben "The Timekeeper" Rushing - Drums/Vocals

Ben is originally from Pasadena, California, and now resides in LaVerne, California. He started playing drums at the age of 14, and by age 18 was performing professionally with many local original and cover bands, playing Country, Blues and Top 40.  


Ben has drummed with Billy Ray Cyrus and and has been a part of many bands that have opened for many national Country acts such as Martina McBride, John Michael Montgomery, Lee Ann Womack, Toby Keith, to name a few. Favorite type of music is country, classic rock and oldies. Drummer's influencing Ben include Doug Clifford (CCR), Hal Blaine (studio legend), Floyd Sneed (Three Dog Night) and of course…Sir Ringo!

Rudy "Hollywood" Lopez, Jr. - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Rudy started his interest in the bass guitar while still in Elementary school when he first saw a then little known bassist named Paul McCartney perform.  Since then, he has played in several Classic Rock, Top 40, Old School, Latin, Smooth Jazz and Big Band groups performing at such places as The Coach House, The House of Blues, Pauma Casino, Pala Casino, The Crazy Horse, and more.  He has toured in Arizona, Nevada and Mexico.  Rudy adds harmonies to help the band's complete sound.

Rudy plays a 5 string Warwick Thumb Bass Guitar, using an Ampeg SVT3 head or an Ampeg PF-500 Portaflex head, Ampeg 4x10" Cabinet and Ampeg 15" Cabinet for larger venues, and Dr Bass 2x10" and 15" Cabinets for smaller ones.

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